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Revolutionize The Way You Weigh & Measure Stress of Your Cattle

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Cattle Pal monitors the animal resting time, health and wellbeing

A calm cow, is a productive cow. Researches show that a lost 1 hour of resting time, becomes a loss of 1.7kg of milk in the tank! Cattle Pal solution allows you to monitor and be alerted when you need to act:

  • Detect sick animals based on rest behavioral pattern
  • Welfare index for each group, based on their restlessness
  • Quality of bedding alert - time to improve the bedding!
  • Detailed Stress analysis by advanced heat mapping techniques

Cattle Pal was designed considering the difficulties beef farmers face in their day to day operations ranging from small dairy farms having 20-25 cattle to large farms having more than a 1000 cattle. Cattle Pal uses smart camera technology to capture images and process them in real time to allow you to constantly monitor important metrics of each and individual cattle in your farm from your Desktop, Mobile and or Tablet.

As you scale up, you do not need to hire more people to manage your farm because no matter how big your farm gets, you always get the complete picture right on your online dashboard, coupled with real-time actionable recommendations to you or your labor, which makes hiring more people redundant.

Cattle Health and Growth Made Simpler, Active, & More Effective!

Our Cattle observation solution for breeders, cow-calf operators, feedlots and beef packers can help set up growth concerns and healthcare problems through a preventive workflow for cattle:

Cattle Management
  • Add Cattle
  • List view
  • View Details

Under Observation
  • All cattle’s who are diagnosed ill or under stress by the system and needs checkup

  • Detail Reports screen from where user can export reports in pdf and excel formats

  • Personal configuration section from where admin can configure alerts and other personal configurations.

What Makes Us Better!

Combining Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

As we know that Cattle’s WEIGHT is very important parameter that can tell a lot about cattle’s overall health. We will calculate cattle’s’ weight without any human interaction by just placing two cameras at different angles at the site and then the weight of the cattle will be calculated using Image Processing and Machine Learning techniques multiple times in a day. That weight will then be sent to our centralized data centers which will work on them and let the farmer know the health graph of a single cattle.

  • We can also use these techniques to calculate STRESS in terms of FEVER or INJURY in cattle using Computer Vision and Machine Learning.
  • Alarms will be raised in case of sudden change in data footprints and farmer will be notified via companion Mobile and Desktop application.
  • The whole solution will facilitate the farmer to have a detailed look on each and every cattle’s behavior and growth without interfering in cattle’s natural habitat.

Our smart camera system installed on site, collects animal’s data and send it to cloud servers. Our smart camera system collects video data onsite, which it uses to teach itself the unique I.D. of all cows using their ear tags.

We collect and process key animal and dairy farm performance indicators, enabling you to gain vital knowledge and actionable insights to improve your farm’s overall profitability and productivity.
Our easy-to-use software delivers daily notifications to your phone and provides real-time access to detailed analytics that can inform the actions you need to take to improve milk production and animal well-being


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